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Celery Juice

If you're ready for the challenge, go for at least 16 ounces of celery juice daily. If you are a newbie, you can start with less and work your way up. Even 2 ounces at a time is beneficial!

How did celery juice become so popular?

Celery juice is not a passing trend or fad. It will still be here in twenty years time because it works. Celery juice is not backed by funding or an interest group with an agenda. The Global Celery Juice Movement that was originated by Anthony William is and always will be a grassroots movement that has grown rapidly because it actually works.

Can't I just eat my celery?

You get benefits from eating celery but think of juice as a concentrated form of the veggie. It is not the same thing. While eating celery stalks is healthy and delicious in a salad, it is not the same as drinking pure cold pressed celery juice. 16 oz of juice is about one whole stalk, you aren't going to eat a whole stalk of celery, but you can get the nutrient density of a whole stalk with a glass of celery juice! Read more about celery in our blog post, Can't I just eat my Celery?

What are the health benefits of Celery Juice?

Drinking celery juice can help you with blood pressure, inflammation, gut health, weight loss, cleanse your liver and bring overall health to your body. The trick is drinking celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. And it has to be 100% celery juice, no lemon or anything else added, so as not to interfere with the amazing healing qualities. Read more in our blog post, The Celery Juice Craze is Real.

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Julie T.

Arrived as expected and still frozen. This packaging worked better than the old cooler ship and return program. Juice always tastes great from this company! Upon defrosting, it tastes as fresh as if I had just squeezed it myself.

J R.
Keeps your skin nice

Keeps your skin nice and healthy and clean

I like it very much

I like it very much.

Kristina H.

Excellent quality!!

A great find

A great find!! Would recommend