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Based on 457 reviews
Incredible Taste Profile

The juices were amazing, very fresh with an incredible taste profile. I, especially loved the burn baby burn and the daily greens!

Amazing, easy, delicious

These have changed my life. I am a convert. Fresh, delicious, filling.


These are the best organic fresh-pressed juices I have found. I order the 24 bundles. Great blends, fast delivery, easy cooler return. Thank you for delivering such quality juices!

12 Celery Juices
Kathryn S.S.
Love this product

My Husband and I love Jrink!!!! We have been drinking celery juice daily from jrink for over 2 months! Can't start our day with out it.

Just what I was looking for

I'm very happy with the juice bundle! I've wanted to do a juice subscription for a while now, and I'm so glad I discovered JRINK ... the ingredients are exactly what I was looking for (and I'm a bit picky), they're delicious, and I love that they arrive in a reusable cooler.

Convenient and fresh

The juices arrived frozen and ready to be put in my deep freezer. I sat mine out in the sink to allow them to defrost quickly then put them in the fridge once they were defrosted to my liking. I’ll definitely be ordering again.

Great service!

I love JRINK’s Defrost to Detox program! I moved out of the area and am able to continue getting fresh juices. The price is cheaper than getting juices locally. The cooler is easy to return. They’ve thought of everything!

Great stuff!

Needed something delicious and heathy for a reset. This was an excellent option and very easy process. Will buy again!!

Flexible, Healthy, Tasty and Great Customer Support

My son is recovering from Lyme Disease. He is in college part time and his Doctor has made the raw juices part of his recovery protocol. The customer support is great and the customize cooler option and ease of returning the cooler makes this option the best all around. And the juices taste great. Even his doctor in MA is thinking of using these guys! Thank you!

24 Celery Juices
Carolyn G.
Celery 2021

Everything arrived perfectly in my cooler, juice frozen..I put all in freezer but 3 and every day I have one I add another from freezer. It’s a wonderful way to start my morning after my lemon water!! Thank you for a healthy start to 2021👍🏻

College Wellness Pack (retired)
Jessica G.

I've tried many of juices and smoothies and this is legit!

Celery Juice Pack
Great stuff

Came fast and its high quality.
Very pleased!

24 Celery Juices
Claudine C.

A+++!!! There are no words to describe such a phenomenal service and product. Will be ordering very soon again!!

Celery Juice (retired)
Deborah L.

I am ready for some more. 😊

Celery Juice (retired)
Marsha J.H.
Very Convenient, Fresh

I received the celery juices packed & still frozen. This is better than buying bunches of celery every few days.
I juice organic apples & ginger & mix it with the celery juice.

Celery Juice Pack
Illana S.

Love the celery juice. Grateful to have found organic with celery as the only ingredient. (Some companies add lemon or other things).

Organic Beginner Cleanse
Sarah W.

This two day cleanse was the best one I’ve ever done! I feel amazing! Definitely doing this every month!

Celery Juice Pack
Lisa V.

This is great! I loved that it came somewhat frozen so we could put some in the freezer and some in the fridge to drink at a slower pace! So convenient and will be makeing another order!

Celery Juice (retired)
Convenient and fresh

As I dont want to invest in a juicer, nor do I have time to go grocery shopping often, I found their juices to be very satisfying and fresh, reasonably priced and with the bonus of prompt delivery . I have officially subscribed to recurrent deliveries.

Celery Juice Pack
Elizabeth D.
Keeping up during COVID-19

I was pleased to find Puree juice as it is difficult to find fresh celery during this virus.
The juice is wonderful and comes packaged great.It was still frozen when I received it.

Celery Juice Pack
Stacey M.
Great tasting juice!

I ordered two packs of celery juice and they came when expected and they were nice and frozen. I just thawed them out before drinking and they taste great. It's so convenient to have the juice ready and to not have to take out my juicer everyday to make my juice.

Celery Juice Pack
Superb juices!

Blueberry Lemon Aid is beyond amazing!

Celery Juice Pack

Reliable delivery, great taste, perfect morning detox delivered to my door!

Celery Juice Pack
Linda M.
Excellent product

It took a bit to get to me but it was fresh and cold and I wish I could buy it every week!
It also made me feel better and that was a plus as well.

Celery Juice Pack
Suzanne H.
So easy.

Tastes good without a mess of making it yourself.