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Defrost to Detox

TIPS: Keep frozen until ready to enjoy. Only defrost what you anticipate finishing within 3 days. If cleansing, defrost 1 day at a time.

Overnight in your fridge

Place frozen bottles in your fridge. Defrosting can take 24-48 hours, depending on your refrigerator.

Pro-tip: Place a folded paper towel underneath the bottles to absorb condensation as they defrost.

Cold water bath

You can use this method to finish off partially defrosted bottles from the fridge, or straight from the freezer. Juices that are frozen solid take about 30 minutes to defrost using the bath method. Pro-tip: Always use cold water, never warm or hot water. And always either in cold water or in the fridge, never on the counter top!

Record defrost date

Once fully defrosted, write the defrost date on the lid or label with a sharpie. Enjoy within 3-4 days from defrost date. Pro-tip: Dispose of unused juice and do not re-freeze once fully defrosted.