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Custom Juice Bundle (16 Juices)


Simply choose your subscription frequency, click SELECT YOUR JUICES, checkout, and get ready to get your JRINKing on! After subscribing, you can cancel and/or change your juice selections prior to your next delivery. All juices have been tested to last up to 9 months in the freezer.

Your juice will be made to order, put into a deep freeze, and shipped in a durable, temperature safe cooler with custom ice packs. By ordering this cooler, you understand and agree to return the cooler and ice packs to JRINK by Purée within 5 days using the included postage paid return label.

*Please note our special feature, Customize Your Cooler, is SUBSCRIPTION ONLY due to technology limitations. Please call or email us if you wish to make a one time purchase. Need to order right away and concerned about subscribing? Choose 4 Months as the frequency and have plenty of time to cancel or change your subscription either on your own, or alert us to do it for you. Use this form for quick cancelation. 

Juice is always ready for you when you need it with two easy ways to defrost:

1) Defrost overnight by placing the juices in the refrigerator.

2) Run under cool water for about 20 minutes.


I understand my organic, cold-pressed juice will be shipped in a sustainable, reusable cooler without any waste.

I understand that by making a purchase on this site, I agree to return the cooler (and ice packs and dividers, if applicable) within 5 days of receiving my juice. I can find the postage paid return label inside the cooler in the ziplock label holder. I will remove the instructions card and reveal the shipping label to JRINK by Purée. I will carefully affix the ziplock label holder on the top of the cooler (remove the label addressed to you) and drop off the cooler at any UPS store.

I understand if I don't return the cooler, I will be charged $150. (Don't worry, we will contact you and attempt to resolve the return prior to processing any charges!)


Free Ground Shipping on all orders in the orange and yellow areas below!

We ship out orders Monday - Wednesday (unless overnight shipping is selected, because they will not arrive until the following week). All orders are made-to-order and put into a deep freeze. The juices are shipped frozen and packed with ice packs in a sustainable cooler, both of which need to be returned to us. 

Please note: Due to current shipping delays, all orders received after 9:00 am on Tuesday will be made in our Wednesday production and shipped out on Monday.

We can not guarantee delivery dates because of carrier delays, weather, or other exceptions. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Be W.W.M.
Convenient and fresh

The juices arrived frozen and ready to be put in my deep freezer. I sat mine out in the sink to allow them to defrost quickly then put them in the fridge once they were defrosted to my liking. I’ll definitely be ordering again.

JoAnn T.
Flexible, Healthy, Tasty and Great Customer Support

My son is recovering from Lyme Disease. He is in college part time and his Doctor has made the raw juices part of his recovery protocol. The customer support is great and the customize cooler option and ease of returning the cooler makes this option the best all around. And the juices taste great. Even his doctor in MA is thinking of using these guys! Thank you!