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Organic Celery Juice


16 Celery Juices


20 Celery Juices

$240.00 $213.33

24 Celery Juices

Organic celery juice is renowned for its medicinal properties. It has been known to help with ailments such as leaky gut, arthritis, allergies, and several digestive problems. Because of its alkaline properties, celery juice is able to naturally remove toxins from the body, including the kidneys and liver, which is why so many of our customers choose to start the day off right by drinking celery juice.

All of our celery juice is organic, cold pressed, and fully raw. You can start your celery juice cleanse with any one of packages. Each one is delivered to your door in our cooler box that keeps them frozen until ready to use.

Grab your organic celery juice in 16-, 20-, or 24-packs.